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   ARRIVAL      USAGE        Room 107   CLEANUP      LEAVING



If you have a lot of supplies & equipment you
may want to bring a cart or dolly. There isn't always
one available. You are responsible for all
table/chair/other set up for your event

Enter building on north side, through double doors

2. At the back right corner of the carpeted lobby is another
set of double doors. Go through those and
room 107 is on the left

3. You are responsible for setting up
chairs/tables for your event 





1. Do not screw anything into walls or doors. If tape
is used it needs to be non-residue gaffers tape

2. No glitter. Cover tables if you're using paint or glue

3. If you need more chairs get them out of an adjacent room

4. If you need more tables get them from the auditorium
(do not use auditorium chairs in rooms 101-107)





1. Take all tape off of walls, tables and chairs

2. Fold up all the chairs and lean them against south wall

3. Ensure everything is off of the carpet.  If needed use
a vacuum from the serving area (east down the
hallway through the double doors, then
to your right a little across the tiled floor area)

4. If you brought tables/chairs into room 107
take them back to where you got them

5. There should be 1 brown round table ID'd for 107
Please ensure this remains in the room.  If it isn't there
look in an adjacent room and grab it if you see it.
There is no need to fold it up

If trash can (usually kept near doorway)
is more than half full, empty it (dumpster
is at northeast side of building as shown at top of page).
DO NOT DRAG BAGS or they'll leak & stain carpet





1. Make sure lights and A/C are off

2. Leave doors shut to 107 and to hallway
(no need to lock them)

3. Lock outside doors if it appears you
are the last group in the area

4. Report all damages (old & new) to Darren



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